Quack a Quack

It’s a natural sound, out of a natural shape; a natural pattern, with a natural expression, of natural colors… Sometimes just some quacks, that’s is the order of the day. Some moments from the times we spent at the ducks of Hergiswil…

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Shining Sparks

A gloomy evening that day seemed dedicated to calmness after a rain shower. I was walking through the interior avenues of Salala, Soon around the corner some crisp sparks flew in dramatic pace, Behind the scene, lit with an old lantern, was a corn-seller swiftly making business, We shot some perplexed shining rays and here […]

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To Harbor

I’m done for the day… I return back to my harbor… Joining with Wordless Wednesday & Sunday Stills photo meme. Click on the links to see more other bloggers.

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Pan a shot…

DesertWings buddies got a new challenge – on panning shots at night… Here is mine : ) To see shots from others in this challenge, click the link below: Nivin’s Wollreflections Henry’s blog Shafeel’s blog Cheers : )

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Hot Show

Is this hot enough? The one below is called Pyro Jet Truck – an attention getter. Read more about this truck here. Read it. Joining with this week’s Sunday Stills photography themed-challenge for topic ‘anything hot’. Visit the site for more photos from other bloggers.

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Inspiration of the Birds

Are the birds cheering up the flyer or are they awing with inspiration…? If only one knows what goes inside a bird’s mind ! Teaming with this week’s Sunday Stills themed-photography challenge for “What inspires you?” Click to visit other bloggers’ shots.

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Turkish Outrace

It all pays to the accuracy of performance, with uniformity of a standard, perfected with practice, in-lined with high-spirited team-play and the fusion of attitude and courage, to exhibit a such a spectacular display of stunts in the air, so close to each other; yet some outrace the other. Team Turkey at Al Ain Aerobatic […]

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March and Salute

Remembering India’s Independence Day – August 15. Jai Hind! (This is a sample image and does not represent India, Indians or the flag of India) Adding to this week’s Wordless Wednesday photography challenge.

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