Laughing Dove

That is just the bird’s name (also known as Senegal Dove and Little Brown Dove). It looks quite inquisitive, with eyes of mystery-black color, which makes it even more curious. Black spotting on its throat, and in general it has a color of brown dust, well suited for a desert-themed-weather. But I don’t think it […]

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Purple Shadow

It was the glare or the blur of the scene that relayed through the narrow gaps between those buds which seemed like music bells to me, the purple shadow on that beautiful flower still remains fresh in my mind. Joining with this week’s Macro Monday.

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Bitten by a Butterfly

It’s a small butterfly on a rugged baby guava. It’s closed wings are compact and looks like a 3D eye blended on it—a delicate art of nature. It’s surrounded by some minute plants with the tiniest of green leaves I have ever seen, growing on a worn-out red brick. Two other fallen leaves seem to […]

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My Nectar

Is it rose or ruby or crimson or red or orangered or pink or deep pink or brink pink? Which color is it? Linking with Macro Monday and Floral Friday groups.

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Tiny Waters

Water is an amazing liquid, ain’t it? Dew drops on a crimson-colored car on that early morning, at an angle, it looked like this. The water simply added its glow & reflection to the background. The second one is the bubbling water, from a water-fountain having lights underneath. I liked it’s near-gold color. This is […]

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Blushing Rose

What is wrapped carefully in those tender petals, beneath its secret layers, within the rosy inner silence? Is it the fragrant blush of a rose? Joining with Macro Monday group.

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Chinese Lantern

‘Abutilon’ is a large genus or class of approximately 150 species of flowering evergreen shrubs having dark green foliage. This generic name is derived from the Arabic word ‘Abu Tilon’. It’s commonly called as flowering maple (because it’s leaves resemble maple leaf). It’s flower has other interesting names—Chinese Bell flower and Chinese Lantern. It attracts […]

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