Arabian Grace

He has a mark of stern character in outlook, Embedding many other qualities in himself; Must have embraced the basic courtesy of— Respect for elders and kindness to youngsters… Shaped by years of family values and customs, Holding on to centuries-old traditions; His race would have witnessed bright and– Grim realities of life in the […]

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School Boys

Abrupt happiness, bewilderment or eureka, I don’t know what emotion and expression delighted on those boys’ faces — all in a flash of 3 seconds. I knew the boys had their day at school, and were on their way back home in the suburban New Delhi. This was precisely one of those moments that met […]

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A complete stranger on the street. He appeared to be a contented personality, with the frankness of an ordinary Asian. Greeted me with a minute glint of a hopeful smile. – – – This post dedicates to the 3rd photo challenge with our photo buddies. The theme is “Street Photography – Perfect Portrait”. Rest of […]

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