Oval Eyes

The animal kingdom has plenty of oval eyes :-) Some are truly captivating, showing a special area of nature, That sharply gazes back on you… Looks from the famous families… The families of great lizards, camels, birds and turtles. Linking with this week’s photo memes— Sunday Stills I heart macro Saturday’s Critters The Photo Gallery […]

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Western Rainbow

A warm welcome after a seasoned sprinkled rains in Interlaken, we saw one… We doubted whether it moved, or we moved, or still, it moved us… The first bow I saw in Europe… A western rainbow! Joining with this week’s memes: Sunday Stills Skywatch Friday My town shootout Serendipity is sweet

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A Handful of Seashells

When she held a handful of well-crafted, intricately-designed meticulous pieces of work, Of seashells, which was once the dwellings of strange creatures— even more captivating. It smelt of sea salts and beach sands, touching the nerves of nature somewhere… I remember standing by that Arabian seashore; such a jubilant memorable evening ! It left me […]

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Rays and Clouds

Shortly after I departed from the Musandam city of Oman, This cloudy spectacle and the afternoon Sun’s rays made a real show, Made me feel they are in a tough fight, as, a volume of rays- Seem to be gushing out of the thickness of the clouds… Or, as well the rays escaping the catch […]

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To Harbor

I’m done for the day… I return back to my harbor… Joining with Wordless Wednesday & Sunday Stills photo meme. Click on the links to see more other bloggers.

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Horizon Edge

Some lands soak themselves in the sea making lots of vague shapes for a coast that feels like the remains of a child’s play. However, watching over the horizon is an amazement that shows a bit of the shape of our planet. Joining with this week’s Sunday Stills photography themed-challenge for topic ‘watershots’. Visit the […]

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Hot Show

Is this hot enough? The one below is called Pyro Jet Truck – an attention getter. Read more about this truck here. Read it. Joining with this week’s Sunday Stills photography themed-challenge for topic ‘anything hot’. Visit the site for more photos from other bloggers.

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The Indian Fabric

This is the Indian Sari fabric with exquisite details! Look at’em! Posting with this week’s Sunday Stills weekly photography challenge for theme: Fabric, and Sussokai’s meme. Click the link to see more shots from fellow bloggers.

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