Manali Signature

The mere mention of the spot Manali brings me fresh reflections of tall and beautiful pine trees, masking the large ice-capped mountains in the backdrop, that shapes borders with skies and- the pure white clouds… Oh, there are so much there that I couldn’t capture in my frame, like those lively apple trees beside the […]

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Golden Creamy Sunset

I witness the time you shone golden, over the sunglow-yellow skies, with some cosmetic clouds to accompany throughout your ever-shining journey, leaving dark shadows and silhouettes to everything else, even the mountains and valleys, and each tree and life there. Yes, I’m slender, and I stand tall to see you! Joining with this week’s Skywatch […]

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Wild Path

When everything goes wild around you, would you feel you are alone? Or, would you just enjoy that wilderness? Joining with this week’s Sunday Stills themed photography challenge for ‘On the road‘. Click to see other bloggers’ shots on the theme.

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Some trees have very queer looks; imagine it—like roots up in the air— with leaves that breathe and flourish, forming a green net through the blue of the sky, or, like strong, hard and dark nerves ending in a pile of lush leaves… Mysterious. Have you ever felt them that way? Shots from Kerala, India […]

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Inside a Teak Forest

I’m now inside a Teak forest. I take a peek at the peaks of teaks here, and fall back in wonder— about its wilderness and richness, about its green-ness, and about its liveliness… Or rather, the richness and liveliness it imparts on me. The time is noon. But doesn’t look like noon, is it? The […]

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It’s green. Let’s go…

Hello.., Let me start this blog with green. The green with a color of life in it. The green that promises vitality… In fact there are more than fifty shades of green itself. This is a Nutmeg tree. The morning sun imparts a special vibrance to its leaves leaving a floating apple-green shade. Nutmeg is widely […]

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