Aged Car

Am old and aged, in the shades of grey, with very basic looks and needs for a vehicle. I don’t travel much nowadays, but I have gone enough in my youth years. I’m taking rest; Occasionally I go to the neighboring towns and villages… That doesn’t mean I’m weak. I may not have modern niceties […]

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Pan a shot…

DesertWings buddies got a new challenge – on panning shots at night… Here is mine : ) To see shots from others in this challenge, click the link below: Nivin’s Wollreflections Henry’s blog Shafeel’s blog Cheers : )

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Hot Show

Is this hot enough? The one below is called Pyro Jet Truck – an attention getter. Read more about this truck here. Read it. Joining with this week’s Sunday Stills photography themed-challenge for topic ‘anything hot’. Visit the site for more photos from other bloggers.

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In Ghost Town

Have you ever been to a ghost town — a town, long abandoned and left all alone..over centuries ago.? Well, I’ve been to such a place… Three other camera-comrades and I — we set out to the place called Jazirat Al Hamra (Red Island) aka Ghost Town, in the northern part of UAE. Driving through […]

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Turkish Outrace

It all pays to the accuracy of performance, with uniformity of a standard, perfected with practice, in-lined with high-spirited team-play and the fusion of attitude and courage, to exhibit a such a spectacular display of stunts in the air, so close to each other; yet some outrace the other. Team Turkey at Al Ain Aerobatic […]

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Machine Birds

They roar to their heart’s content. They swallow loads of oil. They spit thick fumes. They go in groups. Some go alone. They fly at supersonic speeds… They are machine birds. All shot @ Al Ain Aerobatic show 2011. Linking with this week’s Sunday Stills challenge.

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