Quack a Quack

It’s a natural sound, out of a natural shape; a natural pattern, with a natural expression, of natural colors… Sometimes just some quacks, that’s is the order of the day. Some moments from the times we spent at the ducks of Hergiswil…

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From Dal Lake

Dal lake of Srinagar remains a beautiful memory, There are dozens of other scenes to see the classic Dal Lake, But this ones for now :-) Joining with this week’s photo meme: Skywatch Friday

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The blanket of ice that spread around valleys and the crushed roads, Some are just like crystals that flicker with flashy lights, Through its ever-curious shapes, in those high-peaks of the Earth… There it’s biting chill always; now there seemed a snowstorm that made a panoramic icing… All over those landscapes—some looking like a perfect […]

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The shines of the water balls shot at my eyes, While I shot them shining with numerous bokehs… Those dewdrops remained at the center of my lens, Looking so pristine, rounded and natural, Over new leaves and fresh flowers in my veranda, Passing a flowery aroma with a nice chill… Participating with this week’s photo-mems: […]

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Life in Water

It’s an exquisite world of life underwater, So very many varied forms and colors that can bewilder from within. Each beautifully crafted by nature’s creativity and given life; And they swim in water and live.. in playful groups or single; In stony, or greenish neighborhoods… Some emit a special glow; some have rare & marvelous […]

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Rays and Clouds

Shortly after I departed from the Musandam city of Oman, This cloudy spectacle and the afternoon Sun’s rays made a real show, Made me feel they are in a tough fight, as, a volume of rays- Seem to be gushing out of the thickness of the clouds… Or, as well the rays escaping the catch […]

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Morning of the Channel

It was a friends’ call for a photo-shoot in the early morning, so many weeks after our last gather. That beautiful daybreak presented itself cold and cloudless, Beside a pleasant and placid channel-end. Even wind stopped some times. I walked… seeing the Sun rising from the East, And plentiful birds chirping, and grass flowers waving- […]

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The Coastal Post

A vivid lighthouse standing high on the rocks, among the thick greeny palm trees always wavering to the coastal winds… and seeing the natural-force of tides beating against those ages-old rocks, soaking the pristine grey sands beside, and the water splashes and its plentiful droplets flying around forming a little white aura over the waves… […]

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White Fireball

The giant white fireball shone bright-white over the mighty mountains and the endless fjords, in this mid-winter seasonal winds across an edge of Arabian gulf, which saw centuries old history and still willing to witness many more… Linking with these memes: Skywatch Friday Weekend Reflections Share the joy thursday Saturday’s Photo Hunt Scenic Weekends UE’s […]

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Day Meeting Night

The never-ending waves disturbed all over the sea-face, while the dusty cloudless sky stays still, with a moving lamp –in perfect round shape… It stays in my mind as a remembrance of a pleasant sunset over the coast of Dubai Atlantis… Joining with this week’s Skywatch Friday photo meme. Visit the link to see more […]

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