The Coastal Post

A vivid lighthouse standing high on the rocks, among the thick greeny palm trees always wavering to the coastal winds… and seeing the natural-force of tides beating against those ages-old rocks, soaking the pristine grey sands beside, and the water splashes and its plentiful droplets flying around forming a little white aura over the waves… […]

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I saw it from a small distance… the orange tinge moving to the tune of the riverine wind; I was luckily possessed with my cam at this moment, and I instantly zoomed into the little shining wings. It clung to a long grass leaf strand, touching only its claws, making a perfect clasp so casual… […]

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To Harbor

I’m done for the day… I return back to my harbor… Joining with Wordless Wednesday & Sunday Stills photo meme. Click on the links to see more other bloggers.

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Shadow Drops

Joining with this week’s photo memes – Wordless Wednesday Bloggers, Wordless Wednesday & Water World Wednesday. Click the links to see a variety of other bloggers’ posts / photos : )

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The White Heron

It’s a pleasant sight of a white heron, near a South Indian river shore, under the afternoon Sun, especially when the Heron is not really busy and seems it doesn’t mind the presence of a photographer! joining with this weeks’s Wordless Wednesday & Wordless Wednesday Bloggers photo memes. Click the above given links to visit […]

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Obsessed with Gems

The owner of this hand must be a billionaire!?! At least he is so much obsessed with gems— all the fingers of both his hands are tightly ornamented… Posing with this week’s Wordless Wednesday photo meme. Click the link to see other blogger posts : )

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The Orange Dragonfly

What a brilliant design! It’s light in weight and aerodynamic. It’s been an inspiration to man, to build flying machines – remember a helicopter (Biomimetics). Let me share a few facts: Dragonflies are expert fliers. They can fly straight up & down, and hover like a helicopter. They only eat their prey they catch-while flying. […]

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