Unfolding Scents

They’re enveloped in tender petals, Unfolding scents every minute; Buds, we call them; they flower To resplendent beauty That lasts but few hours… Joining with this week’s photo meme: Monday mellow yellow glasklar undkunterbunt Our world tuesday P52 Sweet shot tuesday

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Gulmarg Views

Tiring as we climbed Tanmarg, we just went on…over zig-zag roads, Towards Gulmarg. The name fascinated me—what a beautiful name it is; Translating it as simply ‘meadow of flowers’, placed in the Himalayas. A snow-filled hill station, there we saw people for winter-sports, We quietly stepped out to snow and bewildered over the views it […]

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From Dal Lake

Dal lake of Srinagar remains a beautiful memory, There are dozens of other scenes to see the classic Dal Lake, But this ones for now :-) Joining with this week’s photo meme: Skywatch Friday

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The blanket of ice that spread around valleys and the crushed roads, Some are just like crystals that flicker with flashy lights, Through its ever-curious shapes, in those high-peaks of the Earth… There it’s biting chill always; now there seemed a snowstorm that made a panoramic icing… All over those landscapes—some looking like a perfect […]

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Lush Basins

Travelling on the twisting roads and dusty paths on barren mounts, We didn’t realize how fast we gained altitude in the Himalayas… Gone higher and higher, while the terrains changed dramatically. Over the land where clouds made glares, we saw lush and scenic! A vast green basin rested there—with roads like nerves, and Occasional ponds […]

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Enchanting Blooms

One How I lie wait for something that carries me away wholly; I remember having attempted enchanting, with my mystical power colors, private fragrance… hmmm… and my secret honey… !! Waking and shaking me from that dream, a yellow striped bee strikingly flew in with a murmur; I trembled all over while it juiced to […]

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Cotton Clouds

Somewhere on the way to Leh, towards North, I reached a spot that showcased beautiful cotton-like clouds in the azure sky, under a plain grassland, stitched with long and curved tire tracks that route from one peak to another… Sometimes it is only Sky and Earth… so simple. Joining with this week’s Skywatch Friday photo […]

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A Fulfilling Mountain

A fulfilling mountain, a frame-filling mountain.. its mighty sky levels and vast greenly valleys, a bit of snow caps and a view of origin of flowing rivers a natural transition from uni-color to colorful its all there —in the Himalayas! Posting with this week’s Skywatch Friday photography challenge. Click the link to see other fellow […]

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A Path to the Clouds

A rugged path–winding roads, that never seems to end but the scenes change every hour sometimes you are near the clouds, or beside an icy stream, sometimes on a snow path, or in a snow mountain valley, sometimes it’s all green and flowers, or yet sometimes under stony mountains. Posting with this week’s Skywatch Friday […]

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