Lush Basins

Travelling on the twisting roads and dusty paths on barren mounts, We didn’t realize how fast we gained altitude in the Himalayas… Gone higher and higher, while the terrains changed dramatically. Over the land where clouds made glares, we saw lush and scenic! A vast green basin rested there—with roads like nerves, and Occasional ponds […]

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Manali Signature

The mere mention of the spot Manali brings me fresh reflections of tall and beautiful pine trees, masking the large ice-capped mountains in the backdrop, that shapes borders with skies and- the pure white clouds… Oh, there are so much there that I couldn’t capture in my frame, like those lively apple trees beside the […]

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A Fulfilling Mountain

A fulfilling mountain, a frame-filling mountain.. its mighty sky levels and vast greenly valleys, a bit of snow caps and a view of origin of flowing rivers a natural transition from uni-color to colorful its all there —in the Himalayas! Posting with this week’s Skywatch Friday photography challenge. Click the link to see other fellow […]

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Blue Mountains

Shot from Kashmir, India. Posting along with this week’s Skywatch Friday challenge group, and Photo Friday group. Click the links find other bloggers’ interesting shots!

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