A Handful of Seashells

When she held a handful of well-crafted,
intricately-designed meticulous pieces of work,
Of seashells, which was once the dwellings of strange creatures—
even more captivating. It smelt of sea salts and beach sands,
touching the nerves of nature somewhere…

I remember standing by that Arabian seashore; such a jubilant memorable evening !
It left me a visual impression of stunning creativity;
It brings me a fresh remembrance of togetherness, to cherish in nature’s haven…

This spiral decoration is a nature’s classic—
Besides, it can symbolize life and its growth, and
Its ever-growing progression of life… the suit of a life.
How many such wonders on our planet… I wonder !

Handful of Seashells1

Handful of Seashells2

Handful of Seashells3

Handful of Seashells4

Handful of Seashells5

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Life in Water

It’s an exquisite world of life underwater,
So very many varied forms and colors that can bewilder from within.
Each beautifully crafted by nature’s creativity and given life;
And they swim in water and live.. in playful groups or single;
In stony, or greenish neighborhoods…
Some emit a special glow; some have rare & marvelous blends of colors,
with ever-innocent eyes,
and flapping fins only to move about to live it’s small life.

Here is a twenty of them:

Life in Water6

Life in Water8

Life in Water11

Life in Water10

Life in Water16

Life in Water20

Balloon Fish:
Life in Water18

Life in Water15

Life in Water17

Life in Water14

Life in Water13

Moorish Idol:
Life in Water19

Life in Water12

Life in Water9

Life in Water7

Life in Water5

Discus / Symphysodon:
Life in Water1

Life in Water4

Life in Water3

Discus / Symphysodon:
Life in Water2

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Enchanting Blooms


How I lie wait for something that carries me away wholly;
I remember having attempted enchanting, with my mystical power colors,
private fragrance… hmmm… and my secret honey…

!! Waking and shaking me from that dream,
a yellow striped bee strikingly flew in with a murmur;
I trembled all over while it juiced to its content…
I thought… what a life it is… But then isn’t this how life is !
Enchanting Blooms2

—– —– —–
Enchanting Blooms1

—– —– —–

A clean blend of crimson and a tint of orange gives it an enticing charm on that bright sunny day.
It’s appealing tentacles stands fashionably, giving an expression of beauty… It’s a Kashmiri flower :-)
Enchanting Blooms3

—– —– —–

Silence is golden, but when my favorite mate comes to me,
I’m entranced by a peculiar feeble rhythm,
It’s the feel of love of our companionship,
A pure joy like the sunshine.
…Here now happiness blossoms, and I bloom for you…
Enchanting Blooms4

—– —– —–

Her alluring radiance signals me in dynamic colors of golden-yellow,
or is it tangerine orange? or yet, coral red?
Enchanting Blooms5

—– —– —–

The romantic red never fails to impress ! Or, rather it’s hypnotic…
It’s layers of redness closely wrapped with in sweetest of fragrances,
Also bundles emotions within, and rare rosy nectar of nature!
Enchanting Blooms6

—– —– —–

An amber blush crossed my restless mind once, and
I found there, a motionless inner silence, a sense of the subtle self.
I see it’s presence within every mind; one has to look and realize it…
I’m contented at this moment and feels so restful…
Enchanting Blooms7
—– —– —–

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Rays and Clouds

Shortly after I departed from the Musandam city of Oman,
This cloudy spectacle and the afternoon Sun’s rays made a real show,
Made me feel they are in a tough fight, as, a volume of rays-
Seem to be gushing out of the thickness of the clouds…
Or, as well the rays escaping the catch of the clouds…
.. Or it’s well-crafted team play at work,
but at times it’s a serene sight, like a ray of hope.

Rays and Clouds1

Rays and Clouds2

Rays and Clouds3

Rays and Clouds4

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Morning of the Channel

It was a friends’ call for a photo-shoot in the early morning,
so many weeks after our last gather.

That beautiful daybreak presented itself cold and cloudless,
Beside a pleasant and placid channel-end. Even wind stopped some times.

I walked… seeing the Sun rising from the East,
And plentiful birds chirping, and grass flowers waving-
At the strokes by the gentle gust of air there,
Thousands of light rays cutting through wavering leaves… Wow!

I fancied how lovely they are — each morning of the Channels!

Morning of the Channel

Morning of the Channel

Morning of the Channel

Morning of the Channel

Morning of the Channel

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The Coastal Post

A vivid lighthouse standing high on the rocks, among the thick greeny palm trees always wavering to the coastal winds…
and seeing the natural-force of tides beating against those ages-old rocks, soaking the pristine grey sands beside,
and the water splashes and its plentiful droplets flying around forming a little white aura over the waves…
that is such an easing sight for me any day, regardless of morning or evening.
— That is the view of Kovalam lighthouse at the beach – a landmark with a touristic history.

Coastal Post

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Arid Sands

The sand stories goes on… Humid airs survive in the sun there,
hot winds shapes and cooks the wavy, sandy landscape – day and night,
the season is fast approaching year after year, a great reminder of heat and suffering,
sometimes with comforting small oases between the arid sands…

Arid Sands

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White Fireball

The giant white fireball shone bright-white
over the mighty mountains and the endless fjords,
in this mid-winter seasonal winds across an edge of Arabian gulf,
which saw centuries old history and still willing to witness many more…

White Fireball

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Bright Blooms

Times with bright and fragrant blooms makes lasting marks in my mind.
They are petals of happiness and freshness, full of nature and life.
Nature’s patterns are unique and complex; yet, so beautiful to our senses.

Man mimics them onto a commercial product or an art or design, for lucrative benefits,
Sometimes leaving behind the real beauty of nature in their fast racing-lives,
Forgetting it or even gets negligent of it… What a loss!

- – -
Here are some shots I caught when I was with them:
Bright Blooms1

Bright Blooms2

Bright Blooms3

Bright Blooms4

Bright Blooms5

Bright Blooms6

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